Click to enlargeQB2 "Replacement Inserts"

• Lightweight, very comfortable alternative to ear plugs or ear muffs.

• Supra-Aural design features pads that are partially inserted into the ear while sealing the canal entrance.

• Compact design allows for easy storage when not in use. Reusable soft foam ear pads are designed for wearer comfort.

• Lightweight, yet durable band helps insure proper fit without excessive pressure on the ear canal. NRR25
People who purchase this product usually enjoy having a Protective Drawstring Pouch.

Be sure to always wear your Dust Bee GoneTM Nuisance Dust Mask too! It's guaranteed to not fog your glasses!

QB2 "Replacement Inserts" 100-2hygRegular price: $4.00Sale price: $2.00

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