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Fits over prescription glasses Special UV Extreme AF Coating ANSI 94.3 / Z87.1 Adjustable duoflex temples. This lens is small enough to fit most ladies smaller faces. Shorten the temples for a snug fit.

uvextreme AF is a dual-action coating combining the best anti-fog properties of both hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings. Hydrophilic coatings (like 4C+) absorb moisture like a sponge while simultaneously releasing it back into the surrounding environment. In most work environments and under normal levels of physical exertion, this type of coating is an effective and ideal choice. A major advantage of a hydrophilic coating is its permanence - it will not wear off after repeated cleanings.

A hydrophobic coating reacts to moisture by activating the treated lens surface, forming a thin, invisible film of water. As moisture continues to build, the film gets heavier until it flows over the lens surface creating what is commonly referred to as a "sheeting" or "spreading" effect. A disadvantage of hydrophobic coatings is that with repeated cleaning or soaking, the coating can wear off. uvextreme AF is permanently bonded to the polycarbonate lens.

In addition to dramatically minimizing fogging and improving vision, there are several other key advantages to uvextreme AF:

A base line of anti-fog protection is always maintained as a result of the permanently bonded uvextreme AF coating properties.

uvextreme AF reduces attraction of dust and particles. Most lens scratching occurs when these tiny particles rub against the lens during cleaning.

uvextreme AF is resistant to a wide range of chemicals. See for yourself. uvextreme AF is the only solution for anti-fog performance in most extreme environments.

People who purchase this product usually enjoy having a Glasses Case and a Drawstring Pouch.

Be sure to always wear your Dust Bee GoneTM Nuisance Dust Mask too! It's guaranteed to not fog your glasses!

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