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One of the benefits of owning a SILKY SAW is you can change out the blades. The PocketboyGomtaro, and Zubat are all saw families that have replacement blades with several tooth sizes.

The fewer the number of teeth per 30 mm the more aggressive the cut. The 8/30mm blade will be a great for pruning and working with wet limbs. The 22/30mm blade has finer teeth and will do very well on lumber or dead limbs.

Need to trim a wooden dowel, or make a flush cut? Put a 240 Skatboy blade (22/30) in the Gomboy 240 handle and make perfect clean cuts. Use the same blade to make an emergency cut in pvc pipe or cut off the bottom of a door. Your possibilities are endless with SILKY.

Keep your extra blades safe in a piece of pvc pipe with caps on both ends.

Spray a little Woodglide on the blade before you cut to help prevent pitch build up.

Use a nylon bristle brush (nail brush) to keep your blade free of wood particles and debris.

Woodglide at the end of the day will slow the chemical reaction of wet wood on the steel.

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