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Use and Care of the Dust Bee Gone Nuisance Dust Mask

Your Dust Bee Gone Nuisance Dust Mask will last for years with proper care... and it's so easy!

Be sure to always wear your Dust Bee GoneTM Nuisance Dust Mask! It's guaranteed to not fog your glasses!

Putting it on:

With tucks facing downward so mask does not catch dust, place nose molding on bridge of nose. Mold nose piece so it fits snugly on nose and will not touch nose pieces of glasses. Shape the nose piece before you buckle the strap. Slide the elastic strap through the buckle, then slip the strap over your head. Keep the strap above your ears. The mask should be loose enough to reshape the nose piece.

Pull hook and loop fasteners around neck and press together. The soft section of the hook and loop fasteners should be toward the skin to prevent scratching. Now readjust just the tension of the top strap for comfortable fit, not so tight that the nose piece is pulled away from the skin. The nose piece's contact with skin is what gives the mask its superior, tight seal. If your glasses fog, you've pulled the top strap too tight and broken the seal. For optimum use, safety glasses are recommended. All glasses should be put on after the mask.


Use a mild solution of liquid soap and water. Gently swish the mask around in the sink. Neither vigorous scrubbing nor machine washing is recommended. Rinse with clean water.

After the mask has been thoroughly rinsed, hold one end of the straps and twirl the mask like a lasso at your side. (Do this outside!) Centrifugal force will eliminate most of the water. The mask is ready to wear again!


Rinse in bleach water - 1 teaspoon of bleach per quart of water.

See our Easy Wash instructions.


For long-lasting life, be sure to hang up the mask when it is not being used. Do not stuff it in a shirt or pants pocket. Doing so will cause thread breakage and pillage.